I’m Carole, the Ninja Mole Catcher – and I’m a Norfolk gal. I was born in Norfolk and have never left! My dad is a farmer so love working outside and I’ve also worked on a chicken farm and a sugar beat breeding station.

My children and grandchildren are my main purpose for what I do.

I started working as a mole catcher in 2015. I love what I do as I get to work outside and is great knowing that I can help people solve a problem that is driving them mad!

I had a conversation with a customer about how moles are like little ninjas. They dig about under your garden and the first thing you know about them being there is when they pop up a molehill and then the damage is done – this is why I call myself the Ninja Mole Catcher!

Why not view my Services Page that tells you all about the method I use to catch the ninja moles!