When catching moles I use only locally sourced traps.

Legally you can only trap moles or gas them. There is a lot of regulations involved with gassing Moles, the gas can be harmful to other species and pets. This is the reason I don’t use gas.

People think that it is kinder to catch Moles and move them somewhere else. This isn’t always the case. The ‘humane’ traps that you can buy, the mole gets caught inside with no access to food and how often do you check them.

Moles work every 4 hours so you could out it down just after he has worked so could be 4 hours before he comes back or it could be that he is just about to work and gets caught just after putting it in.

Moles are quite vicious so they would try and bite you, they have a lot of small sharp teeth. You need to know how to hold them without getting bitten or harming them.

Where do you put them? If there are molehills there is probably at least one mole working in that area.

They are very territorial so if another mole turned up they would fight and probably die from inflicted injuries, as they’re haemophiliac and would bleed to death. If there were no run systems there, the mole would have to start digging a new run system. A mole needs to eat 20 worms a day and if they don’t do that for 2 days they will starve.

Other methods that people try to remove moles ie. Shooting, fumes or petrol, chemicals or broken glass put in the run can result in a large fine up to £5000 and a prison sentence of 6 months. The Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996.

I am also licensed to use poisons for the control of rats and mice. If you prefer not to have poisons used I can also use traps.

My prices are based on the number of moles caught. I do charge a set up fee to cover costs. I do guarantee that I will visit until the mole problem has been sorted.

Busiest times for moles is during the breeding season which is usually the end of March, when the male moles are traveling around looking to mate. Then again when the female id looking to store worms for the moles when they stop being fed by their mother. When the young moles leave the nest, about the Middle of June, they will be looking for new runs.

I cover Norfolk and North Suffolk and I can help you sort out your mole problem if they’re in your:

  • Garden
  • Recreational areas eg, Football pitches, bowling greens, play areas
  • Agricultural areas

If you are having trouble with moles springing up Contact Me today for a friendly chat so I can help!